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Red Carpet Correspondents 

Kaliyah Howard 

Model. Blogger. Runway Diva! 

Kaliyah has always had a bubbly personality and been free spirited.

She makes those around her feel happy and joyful. Kaliyah has always loved fashion!!! Since a baby she would stop to watch Fashion commercials, look at Vogue magazine’s and tune into TV shows such as Tyra banks “Americas Next Top Model”.

Kaliyah would sit in amazement watching the contestant participating in runway shows and photo shoot.

It is no surprise that Kaliyah begin mimicking the poses she saw them practicing her runway walk. Soon after she made good use of the apartment hallway which became her own runway.

With the Guidance of Divine Divas Models, Kaliyah Advanced quickly with her Runway Walk.

Making her First Appearance in NYFW in 2015, at the age of 5 years Old , walking for Young Gods Clothing Brand inspired Kaliyah even more.

Kaliyah’s next entrance became, “Project Runway”.

Kaliyah adores seen the designers, the models, and most importantly to her “Mood” Fabric store located in the heart of the Fashion District in New York.

Watching the judges Kaliyah also spiked and interest in discussing Fashion.  Motivating Kaliyah to want to become a “Fashion Vlogger” which she is for Kiddustry Magazine.

Kaliyah is considered an OLD SOUL by many and is proving this by formulating amazing ideas and actions not commonly associated with children.

Although Kaliyah is only eight years old she has Big Dreams!!!

She has begun to construct a blueprint for her very own company.

Kaliyah also uplift others on Instagram about “Loving the skin that you are in” & Speaks on “Positive Affirmations”. Kaliyah is also the Jr. DC Ambassador for “Girls Who Brunch”.

The DC Native who has Graced many “Runways” in multiple states is ready to take this experience to another level.

Keep your eyes out for Kaliyah Howard.


Mariama is 8 years old and loves to perform!  She enjoys singing, dancing, acting, modeling and making new friends.   She is an avid reader, chess player and scientist.   You can often find Mari singing/dancing with street performers.  Mari is a writer and loves talking to people to find out their stories.   
She was initially drawn to Young Gods and it's Ancient Egypt-inspired clothing and formed an immediate connection with its founder and creator, Eunika.   Mari is looking forward to interviewing fellow talent at the upcoming show and helping to shed light on the gifts of others!   

Jireh Mollon

Model.Leader.. Future Fashion Designer

Jireh Mollon is an American-Caribbean fashion model who has walked the runway for outstanding fashion designers in the industry. She has been shot by amazing photographers who have captured the essence of her passion for the fashion industry.


Standing at a height of 4-feet-8-inches — Maryland -born Jireh Mollon first began modeling when she was five years old. She has gone on to work with brands that create awareness and uplift us as a society, such as,Young Gods and Hustling Spirit. Her strong desire to help others, standing up for what you believe and creating awareness comes through in her work. She has continued her success with appearances in fashion magazine, calendars and on the runways at LA, New York, Atlantic City and Kids fashion week. 


In 2018 Mollon decided to explore the other side of the industry and began designing. Her main interest is in doll fashion but hopes that one day she will expand to kids fashion. When she is not modeling or designing she is keeping active through sports, traveling and event planning. Her indomitable personality shows through from the track to the balance beam which has produced her gold and silver ribbons during the season.


Jireh loves to stay active and focused on developing herself in all areas of life. Locally she is known for her party planning and her gourmet baking skills. Her amazing palette at 10 years old is astonishing. When she is not in the kitchen she can be found swimming, taking French classes, sewing classes or even Singing. Besides her passion for fashion, singing and music is a great part of who Jireh is.


Jireh has two brothers whose first names also start with the letter "J": Jedaiah and Jamin. They are her biggest fans and supporters. "They help to push me and develop me, we are all different with our on strengths that complement each other. They want me to do well and they help me in any way that they can", Jireh stated during an interview. Her brotherly bond has created her love for anime, Pokémon, Minecraft, video games and culture.


Her "Girl Power" attitude has encouraged her to want to do more for girls her age. She wants to start organizations that help girls develop their ideas and make them a reality. The concept of the organization will be a girl entrepreneurs club. The organization will help girls to learn to encourage one another to be the best "them".


Whether on the Runway, in front of the camera or baking a cake Jireh's philosophy is the same. Stand tall, eyes focused and your mind set on being your best you--the rest will fall in place. 



Paris Skylar Calderon’  was born in south jersey on April 13, 2012. Paris is six years old and Paris lives with her Mother and brother in the Atlantic City area . Paris has been modeling for one year now, and has been featured in seven shows and four  magazines . Paris enjoys ballet, tap, and team dance. She has been dancing since she was three years old. Paris loves pizza, her mom’s spanish rice, and strawberry sprinkles donuts.  Paris loves drawing, reading, and her church. When she grows up, Paris hopes to be a doctor and be able to provide care to families.


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